Greg Hackney talks about how he got his start fishing and a couple of events that changed his life. Photo Terry Battisti.

The name Greg Hackney sends shivers down the spine of anyone in the same field he’s competing. The Hack Attack has become one of the strongest forces in professional bass fishing over his 20 year career and with a resume that contains an FLW AOY (2005), FLW Cup Win (2009), and an Elite Series AOY (2014) you know why.

Hackney grew up in a fishing family and doesn’t even remember his first outing in search of fish. His earliest memories are of fishing every weekend with his entire family. He doesn’t even remember his first catch as it’s blended into the background of his being. But ask him about the first bass he caught and that patented grin spreads across his face. That experience he vividly remembers.

But that first bass didn’t set him on the path to becoming a tournament angler by any stretch. That would come when he was 10 years old, before he even knew what tournament fishing was or that professional bass fishing existed. From that time on, he and his father started fishing competitively.

Not long after that, Hackney was fishing local team events and started cashing checks. By his early 20s, he was ready for the professional tours with a healthy bankroll backing him up.

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