1971 Otto and Hubert Greene with a nice string of fish.

A couple weeks ago we posted a two-part story on Greene’s Boat and Motor, going through the history of the company and the effect it had on the bass boat industry.  Today we fulfill a promise we wrote in that series by posting Greene’s Boat and Motor Gallery.  In this gallery are another 60-plus pictures, most which were not included in the previous stories, documenting the history of Greene’s Boat and Motor.

Some of the pictures were provided by Andy Greene from his files, while others are pictures taken while on trips to visit the Greene’s for interviews.  The photos and images date from the 1930s, when Otto Greene started working on outboard motors in his garage, through 2014, when I went and interviewed Rose and Andy for the original piece.

Amongst the images are historical photos of the early days as well as pictures of items Andy showed me that were in the office and hanging around the shop.  Old baits, tournament programs, trophies, books and magazines, you name it.  The shop is a history of the sport of bass fishing.  In any event, they’re all amazing and document only part of the Greene’s story in the bass boat industry.

Although today Greene’s Boat and a Motor is under the Angler’s Choice Marine banner, the company still operates the same as it did when Hubert and Rose were operating it.  I hope you enjoy this look back in time.

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