Original Caption: These fishermen were among the 15 who locked through to fish the northernmost impoundment during Tuesday's practice. The Montgomery Advertiser, June 1993, photo credit: Mike Handley/Staff

This historical photo isn’t so much a reflection back on any one angler, but instead, a good view of what it’s like to lock through one of the many navigational lock and dam systems on waters throughout the country.  It’s not a very common occurrence, and many bass anglers have probably never gone through the experience.  You’ll always remember the first time that you do get the opportunity, and issues around what can go wrong, like waiting on barges, or lock operators schedule snafus, have played a major role in the outcomes of many a national tournament over the years.

This particular photo was taken back in June 1993 during the Red Man All-American on the Black Warrior River.  Anglers had to decide whether to fish north or south, and whether to trade the quality of fish found by locking through the dam, against the extra fishing time and sureness gained by staying in the home pool of the river.