Shaw Grigsby (top) will attest to Lake Okeechobee's ability to produce trophy bass. Tim Tucker/Staff Photographer, The Palm Beach Post, January 1986.

This is a great shot of Shaw Grigsby (dark shirt on front deck) from back in the mid 1980s that appeared in The Palm Beach Post in January 1986. The original title was, “What Is Florida’s Best Big-Bass Lake? Okeechobee Among List Of Trophy Bass Waters,” and was written by prolific writer and photographer, Tim Tucker.

The article was about Florida’s best big bass lakes. At the time, Shaw had only been fishing full-time on the Bassmaster tournament trail for a couple years. He was still in search of his first big win which would come two years later (1988), in Texas. Of interest though is that Shaw only appears in the picture, not the article. For that, Tim interviewed Doug Hannon, the “Bass Professor,” Doug Gilley, winner of the 1984 Super Bass event held on the St. Johns River, and Forest Ware, bureau chief of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission’s Division of Fisheries at the time.