Original Caption: Noted outdoor author, fishing expert and TV personality. Mar. 1974, Fishing Facts ad.

Today’s Throwback Thursday historical photo is of noted outdoorsman, angler, and TV personality, Grits Gresham, and dates back to 1974.  The picture was featured in an ad for Ray Jefferson, one of the early electronics companies that had a large presence at the time.  The ad, appearing in the March 1974 issue of Fishing Facts magazine, featured nine different models offered by the company.

Most prominent were five different flasher models, three permanent mounts and two portable units.  Some of the models featured a “beeper” that would sound every time a fish was detected.  There were also two “structure recorder” units, more similar in style to a traditional paper graph.  Rounding out the electronics selection was a pair of “thermometers,” one that read surface temperature, the other coming with a cord that would read down to 100 ft. according to the ad.

Grits, himself, was an angler, hunter, author, and outdoor journalist.  He wrote nine books, the most notable to bass anglers being, “The Complete Book Of Bass Fishing,” of which Ray Scott once commented on as “the best book ever written on bass fishing.”  Grits worked with Ray to help alleviate cheating in bass tournaments, and even wrote a column that appeared in Bassmaster magazine.  He was also an early champion of the environment and conservation.

Gresham was outdoors editor for The Shreveport Times, had a syndicated column in the Ark-La-Tex area, as well as an editor at the Louisiana Conservationist, and Sports Afield magazines.  He hosted ‘The American Sportsman’ where he was later joined by Curt Gowdy, as well as Shooting Sports America, sponsored by Chevy Trucks and appearing on the ESPN Network.  What most will remember him for, though, was the Miller Lite Beer television ad – Tastes Great – Less Filling.  Here’s one of those commercials from back in 1983.