Original Caption: Slade Dearman (left) grew up thinking everybody wore a life jacket to work. The son of professional angler Randy Dearman (right) is now also a professional fisherman. June 1996, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN. Larry Rea, Outdoors Editor, photo credit: Steve Price

With Father’s Day being just around the corner, today’s historical photo seems rather timely. It comes from a June 1996 story in The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) by Larry Rea on the many father-son “teams” dotting the pro fishing landscape at the time. In this particular photo, Randy Dearman is featured with his son, Slade, both then fishing the Bassmaster’s professional trail. Other father-son teams out on the trail mentioned included the following:

  • Woo & Chris Daves
  • Denny & Chad Brauer
  • Guido & Dion Hibdon
  • Ricky & Keith Green
  • Bo, Bo Jr., and Eason Dowden
  • Guy & Guy Jr. Eaker

In the article, it quoted a few of these fathers speaking on fishing and families. Guy Eaker said, “When I think of Father’s Day I always think about the good times we have together as a family. That’s one day I try to be home.”

And Woo Daves also mentioned hunting as a way to spend time with his son. “Our schedules just don’t allow us to fish together much. So, Chris and I do a lot of hunting together. It’s our quality time together,” he said.