1979 CReme Jawbreaker spinnerbait ad.

When bass anglers think of the company Creme, they fundamentally think of the company that brought the plastic worm to the bass fishing industry.  That’s not wrong by any stretch of the imagination as that’s what their linage lies in bass fishing.  Today in Creme Jawbreaker 1979, we’re going to start to delve into other baits that Creme manufactured, specifically their spinnerbait.

Creme was like every other company in the industry in the 1970s.  They jumped at the opportunity to make sales when the industry shifted from one bait to the other.  A prime example of this was in the 1970s, when the spinnerbait reigned king in competitive fishing.

Although Creme didn’t turn their eyes away from the lady they came to the dance with, they surely weren’t going to let an opportunity to sell baits be ignored.  By the late 1970s, two Classics had been won on the spinnerbait along with several other events.  It only made sense that they take advantage of this bait’s popularity.  Hence the Creme Jawbreaker.

I’m not sure how long this bait was produced and I don’t recall ever seeing it in the tackle stores I frequented during the time, but if I had seen it, I most likely would have purchased it.  At 3/8-ounce in weight, it was the standard weight of the day and came in single and double spin versions.  Fitted with a vinyl skirt, which could be easily refitted with the flat rubber skirt, this spinnerbait has one of the biggest design factors I like in a spinnerbait.  That is the loop for the line tie.

Unlike the twisted wire lie tie, which always pinches line, or the R-bend, which allows the line to slide past the bend, this lie tie is an enclosed loop which keeps the knot securely placed within the loop and rarely pinches the line.

I also like the short upper arm which, in my opinion, gives a harder vibration due to less arm movement.  Plus, It places the blade directly over the hook point increasing hook ups.

The bait can be used to bulge the surface as well as be used as a drop bait in deep water.  This is a technique that has all been lost over the years and one I know continues to catch fish for those that continue to use it.

Creme may have been the most iconic soft plastics companies over time, but they also produced their share of other baits like the Jawbreaker.  Like I said above, this bait wasn’t produced for very long, and most likely due to anglers not associating them with the spinnerbait.  But I wish they’d continued making this great little gem as I know it would have produced.