Original Caption: PICTURE OF A CHAMP! That's Claudette Tircuit of Denham Springs, La and Bass Angler of the Year for 1978 with a couple of live bass heading for the scales. "If I can do it, so can you," Claudette says. April 1979; The Crowley Post-Signal (LA), no photo credit.
Original Caption: Claudette Tircuit of Denim Springs, La, shows she knows how to catch fish as well as any male angler. She's one of the 34 finalists fishing the Lady Bass Classic this week at Chattoonaga (sic), Tenn. Tribune photos by Frank Sargeant. The Tampa Tribune, Oct. 1986

Recently I was digging through some archives in search of some information on a particular bait made by Ditto Manufacturing (Bobby Ditto). That’s when I came across one of their ads from 1980 mentioning Claudette Tircuit, and their baits being responsible for helping her win a Bass’n Gal Classic. That got me digging around even further, eventually leading to today’s Throwback Thursday pic(s).

Here are a few excerpts and details from a 1980 story on her in The Paducah Sun by Steve Vantreese:

  • She started fishing husband-wife events in a local club in 1974. When Bass’n Gals formed and staged its first all-female bass tournament in 1977, she fished it and placed eighth.
  • She was 1978 Bass’n Gal Angler of the Year (finishes: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 14th)
  • She won the 1979 Bass’n Gal Classic on Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas.
  • She reported fishing about 80 days a year, mostly in relation to bass tourney events. “I enjoy competition. That is the way I can gauge if I’m improving.”
  • She attributes much of her success in tournament fishing to the determination to concentrate and the ability to notice details.
  • Favorite bait: spinnerbait; “It’s faster and you miss fewer fish.”
  • Claudette passed away in 2013 at the age of 73.

If any of you lady anglers out there fished the early Bass’n Gal or other circuits and you’re interested in having a place to tell your story, please hit us up in the comment section below or email us at terry@bass-archives.com.  We’d love to give you a space to tell your story.

See below for the Ditto Manufacturing ad that took me down this rabbit hole.


Ditto Manufacturing ad 1980.