In today’s Bass Fishing Archives video, Catching up with Todd Auten, we talk with Elite Series pro about why he goes to the National Fishing Tackle Collectors Club (NFLCC) meets, his long-time career in professional bass fishing, and how he came up with the idea to put a Horny Toad on a buzzbait.

The NFLCC Pigeon Forge Meet is one of the best regional meets in the nation, especially if you’re interested in east Tennessee hand carved baits.  Todd and his wife have attended this meet for the past five years to build on their collection of vintage lures, but they also attend to find hard-to-get east Tennessee hand carved crankbaits.

Collectors of east Tennessee wood baits flock to this meet every year to show off their collections as well as buy and sell.  According to Auten, it’s the best and really only place you can find these discontinued lures for a decent price.

While I had the opportunity to talk with Todd about the NFLCC show, I also wanted to ask him how he came up with the idea to put a ZOOM Horny Toad on a buzz bait.  It’s an awesome story in itself and one you’ll want to listen to.

But the Autens didn’t just come to collect, they had a booth showing off one of Auten’s sponsor’s baits, Water Wood crankbaits.  Water Wood crankbaits are constructed in South Carolina and made from Brazilian Marupa Pedra wood.  Marupa Pedra is a light wood, a characteristic needed for crankbaits, but it’s main advantage is in its durability.  I’ve fished these baits over the years and can attest that they can hold up to a lot of abuse.

I hope you enjoy watching this video.

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