Al Lindner hoists his big fish from the 1977 Virginia Invitational on Lake Gaston. The fish weighed 10-04. Photo by Bob McNally.

Back a few years ago I was contacted by longtime writer Bob McNally, and he offered up some of his photographs from days gone by. Back in the day, Bob used to cover all the Classics, various other events and had a byline in nearly every fishing magazine that’s ever been printed, either with his photographs, the written word or both. That includes non-bass fishing print too.

We posted a few of his pictures yesterday (click here if you want to see the 1975 Currituck Sound Classic) and today we’re gonna continue sharing some of his pictures.

What we’re looking at are pictures that Bob took of big fish either at tournaments or fun fishing with writers from all over. In this collection you’ll see famed writers from the past such as Vic Dunaway, Charlie Waterman, Spence Petros, Ken Schultz and Carl Malz. Also in here are some pictures of tournament anglers like Billy Westmorland, Ricky Green, Jimmy Houston and Al Lindner.

As much as writers were important in communicating what the pros were doing to the would-be bass angler, it was the photographer who provided invaluable visual aids of what to do and how to do it. More importantly, they also captured time so we could look back today and see those who paved the way for us today.

Thanks Bob for sharing these pictures with us and also for being there to take them.