Month: November 2021

B.A.S.S.’s First Woman Angler

Her first day partner, Homer Humphreys, told the Orlando Sentinel that ”[s]he was a fantastic partner. She was the most aggressive lady I’ve ever fished with – more aggressive than most men are – when it came to keeping her lure in the water

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Lowrance Red Box

Many think the Green Box Lo-K-Tor was the first fish finder made by Lowrance Corp. of Oklahoma.  However, the Red Box predated the famous Green Box but information is hard to find about the Red Box Lo-K-Tors

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Frank Hauck Living Rubber

Not happy with the standard skirt materials of the day – primarily marabou, vinyl and hair – Hauck set out to find a material that had more action. What he came up with was what he called “living rubber.” At that time, Hauck went into business mass producing the material under the name Frank Hauck’s Living Rubber Lure Components.

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