Month: October 2021

Old Bass Boat Ads – 1974

when one looks at the ads, we see some companies didn’t seem to pay attention that prices were on the rise, while it’s obvious that other companies were going to wait it out before they made a move to embrace new technology. Then there were the companies who were sitting in a perfect position for an energy crisis.

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Why George Perry – Part 2

Is it possible that a legitimate 24 pound largemouth was taken from the Tombigbee River in 1926? Absolutely! But it’s just as plausible that an elephant could stand flat-footed on the ground and jump to the top of a five-story building.

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Why George Perry? – Part One

Field & Stream is essential to the Perry story and record for several reasons. Without their annual “Prize Fishing Contest,” Perry’s catch would have been lost to history. With no need to certify or memorialize the catch in some fashion, it would have disappeared. Perry took the bass home and his family ate it.

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In-Fisherman’s First Ads

“But we’re not content to publish known material. The staff and I have countless questions about fish and fishing that are begging to be answered – questions which if answered even in part, would have a tremendous impact on fishing tomorrow.”

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