Month: September 2021

A Raised Flipping Deck?

Bass boats from the early days through about the mid-80s had a nominal front deck – many of which stopped at the rear of the front seat pedestal- and these decks were anywhere from 6 inches to a foot below the boat’s gunwale.

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Strike King Diamondback Worms

As I was working on the backlash the worm dropped into the water. A few minutes later, after fending off an eagle dead set on nesting in my 5000C and getting the reel straightened out, I reeled up the slack. I reeled and reeled and reeled not coming tight with the bait until it was directly below the boat.

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Fred Arbogast Ads 1940

Hand tying was labor intensive and Arbogast was looking for a quicker way to turn out baits.  To decrease the labor, he turned to making skirts out of rubber.  In doing that, Arbogast invented the living rubber skirt in 1936 and introduced the Hawaiian Wiggler shortly thereafter.

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Cat Claw Bait’s Super Tail

Back at his cottage after a particularly good day on the water, he was showing off a mixed, largemouth/smallmouth bag averaging over 3 pounds. After complimenting him on his catch, his neighbor in the vacation community showed Friedman his own limit — five largemouth averaging almost twice that much.

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The Storm Wiggle Wart

Of all the baits that Storm manufactured over the years, none of them had an impact on bass fishing like the Wiggle Wart.  Although Storm had been advertising in outdoor and bass magazines for quite a while with nice, full-glossy ads, the first Wiggle Wart ad

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The Beginning of Packaged Boats

Of course, Morris had founded the Bass Pro Shops brand, a combination store and mail order catalog business, a few years before. That operation and his experience fishing the BASS Master Tournament Trail gave him a good idea of what the fishing public wanted in the way of fishing and boating accessories.

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Old Bass Boat Ads – 1973

By 1973, bass boats and bass boat companies were coming out of every one-stop town in the U.S. In 1972, 11 manufacturers put ads in the top bass fishing magazines and 1973 would feature 15 boat manufacturers and I’m sure there were a number of other companies who hadn’t yet made the leap to advertise.

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