Month: March 2021

The Reel of the Decade – Maybe Longer

So what made the reel so good? It was the first reel to come with a rear drag system that eliminated having to reach through the line in order to adjust the drag while fighting a fish. The drag also had more surface area than any other reel on the market at the time. Because of the rear drag, there was no need for a knob in which to release the spool from the body.

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Old Bass Boat Ads – A Family Tradition 1979

“Yep, 1978 and to the right is my 20 or 21 year-old bud Steve Eastwold. Steve’s Mom and Dad had Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock. We shot the image after leaving the drain plug in and pumping it full or water till it ran out over the splash well. We pulled the drain plug to help get it to come up, so we were carrying water.

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Don’t Kill You Catch – Kill Your Motor

Two such lethal incidents with anglers prompted a Louisiana doctor by the name of Allen Tomlin to develop the first outboard motor kill switch. He not only designed a simple switch that could be used on any key-ignition outboard motor, he also sent in the design plans to Bass Master Magazine so others could fashion one for themselves – even though he was in the process of getting a patent.

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Build Your Own Bass Boat 70s Style

Besides “Dry Dock Talk,” there was also a series of articles through the 70s on how to rig a boat for bass fishing – again pertaining to small boats. These again showed the ingenuity of anglers and their desire to make their experiences on the water more enjoyable.

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Are Two Heads Better Than One?

So, in order to placate this need, in 1982 Motor Guide came out with their solution to the problem. If one trolling motor head put out 27 pounds of thrust, all we have to do is add another head and we’ll get 54 pounds of thrust. Right?

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Bass Fishing Memorabilia – Woo Fan

“I came up with that,” he said. “A friend of mine made up some t-shirts and then I came up with this idea. The hardest part was to get them there. I needed three or four people to get them there and hand them out. But it was good for me. Any time you go somewhere and give away something like that you pick up a lot of fans.”

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