Month: February 2021

Larry Nixon – Mr. Megabucks

Nixon wasn’t just a multi-time winner of Megabucks, though, he had a penchant for winning off-beat events that B.A.S.S. put on. For example, he won two BASS Champs events, 1978 at the Atchafalaya River and 1982 at the Ohio River, along with the 1987 Bassmaster Team Championship held on the St. Lawrence River.

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Old-School Comms

Eventually CB radios were outlawed in tournaments for the same reasons cell phones have restrictions today. It was too easy for an angler not fishing an event to call, “breaker-breaker Bubba Hawg, I found you a mess-a fish,” over the radio to his tournament-fishing buddy.

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Bass Master Classic II – Rail Cars and Stringbusters

That’s when I told him we were trailering the boats to Percy Priest Marina and the anglers were on their way. “Everyone said, ‘You said the boats were going to be hauled on the railroad somewhere else'” I replied, “No, I just asked how many would fit on a flatcar – I never mentioned they were going anywhere.”

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Season at a Glance: 1972 Bass Master Trail – Part Two

To summarize Martin’s achievements for the 1972 season, he placed in the Top-4 in each of six events, he won two events, he won his second AOY in a row and in doing it, he accumulated 203 out of a possible 210 points. He made his 17th straight check from B.A.S.S. and bumped his all-time earnings up to $21,175 – second only to Bill Dance’s $21,490.

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Season at a Glance: 1972 Bassmaster Trail – Part One

Scott made a decree at the beginning of ‘72 that all B.A.S.S. events would be “Catch and Release” events. He invested in the production of a 525-gallon aerated livewell, which he coined “Big Blue,” and each fish that came to the dock would be promptly weighed and placed into Big Blue so they could later be released.

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Old Boat Ads – Bass Cat

The ad also shows our anglers at the time,” Pierce said. “We had Tommy Martin, Jerry Crowell and Basil Bacon, all 1974 Champions for their respective trails. Of course Tommy won the Bass Master Classic in ’74 and that really elevated him as a professional angler. Then there was Jerry Crowell who won the Bass Casters of Association (BCA) Tournament of Champions and Basil who won the Project Sports INC (PSI) Tournament of Champions. Most people don’t know that at this time there were a minimum of three other major circuits running.

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