Month: January 2021

Flip Tail 1970

In the first ad, you don’t see any of their wares, just a couple anglers, John Hadad III and Don Siebert holding up stringers of fish caught on their baits in the 1970 B.A.S.S. Okalhoma National Bass Tournament.  Hadad and Siebert took first and second in that event – with FLIPTAIL worms.

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Sports Illustrated Takes on Tournaments

From the beginning, Ray Scott, a carnival barker to the core, knew that in order to grow his fledgling B.A.S.S. organization he’d have to court traditional media. That meant inviting them to mystery lake Classics and finding other means of gaining their support.

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The U.S. Open 1981: An Event that Changed Bass Fishing – Part One

Until this time, rarely, if ever, had a southern angler ventured west to fish unless it was for one of the few events B.A.S.S. held in the west. This event was different, though. The promise of a big payday brought anglers from 22 states. Names like Roland Martin, Bobby Murray, Forrest Wood, Basil Bacon, Harold Allen, Don Butler, Cliff Craft, Rick Clunn and Ricky Green would face off against the West’s best.

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1970s Power Pole

Power Pole this, Minn Kota Talon that – the current industry has us all thinking they invented the boat anchoring system. Maybe they invented the “stick in the mud” but for years, probably dating back to the times of Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal, anglers used a rope tied to a heavy weight to keep their boats from drifting off a prime spot.

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